Best Large cap mutual funds

Large cap funds are those mutual funds that invest a huge proportion of their share in the companies for maximum market capitalization. Large cap mutual funds are known to give higher returns than any other mutual funds.
Large cap mutual funds are safe and give security. They provide returns that are good and are less subject to changes in the market. This is because they have the scale and the size to succumb to the bad phases of the market. They also have high exposure to risk.
Here is a list of the best large cap mutual funds:

• Motilal Oswal Most Foucsed 25 Fund:
Started in the year 2013, this fund aims at acquiring long term capital appreciation. This is achieved by investing in at least 25 companies that have long term sustainable competitive advantage along with growth potential. This open-ended scheme has a minimum investment of 5000 INR.
• Franklin India Bluechip:
This is a very old fund that has almost completed 20 years of its existence. This fund uses both value and growth type of funding for investments. The Franklin India Bluechip is known for giving good returns because of its strategy of stock selection.
• Reliance Vision Fund:
This fund follows growth type of funding and it uses open ended scheme. It leads to good returns on investments. Big companies prefer this funding because of its unique style, which leads to surviving the risk factor even during depressive market conditions.
• BNP Paribas Equity:
This fund chooses only those companies that have extremely high earning growth. And these companies have pricing power and money strength in their hands, which provide a competitive advantage to such fund. It also takes care of entry barriers. That is why the fund rises even when the market is facing fallout.
• HDFC Index Sensex Plus:
This fund hasn’t faced even a single downfall in the past ten years except for the year 2007 where the market was terrible. It has maintained its good returns over the years. This is because they invest maximum percentage of their money in the Sensex stocks and it weighs close to the index. Such measures guarantee the investors that they will survive the risk factor that comes with it.
• Kotak 30:
This fund follows open ended equity scheme. They have a diversified portfolio, which gives flexibility to move within the sectors and outside as well. It is done with great research and analysis and gives you the chance to gain higher returns. They come in the top because they live up to the expectation of every investor.

Large cap fund invest in those companies that have more capacity to grow and earn more returns. These types of funds outperform all other funds because they are safer, better, and yield more returns in comparison with the others. Whenever there are bad market conditions, it is always advisable to invest in large cap funds because of their low risk factors. They can be predicted easily and more accurately.

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