Best SIP Plans

SIPs are a small sum of money that a person has to invest on a particular date every month. This amount of money is invested in specific mutual funds. SIPs are the best way in which any beginner can enter the investment market as it teaches simple tricks and the discipline that is required to invest. This is also one of the most profitable and the least risky investments as only a small chunk of money is invested in the funds but after a while, the financial goals can be accomplished. Also, by investing a small sum of money every month, a person also inculcates a habit of saving money on a regular basis and also gains a lot from such investments.

Some of the best SIP plans are as follows:
1. UTI Equity Fund:
This fund delivers exactly what it promises. It helps survive even during the difficult equity markets. It requires the investor to invest 80% of their funds in equity related instruments and 20% of its funds in debt instruments. This helps in spreading over high as well as low risks.
2. ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Fund:
This fund has a clear strategy and helps the investor survive in the long run. Its planning requires the investor to invest in 20 large companies whose stocks are on the top list of the NSE.
3. Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund:
This fund makes the investor invest in various securities and industries. This way not only the long term plan is stable but also the risks are covered due to the counter effect. They are consistent and that counts as huge in the market.
4. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund:
The basic objective of this firm is to invest in such a way that long-term capital can be gained through mid-cap and small-cap companies. Most of the investment of the investor say up to 70% goes into smaller companies. The fund differentiates itself from the others but its unique proposition makes it a top SIP plan.
5. Mirae Asset Equities Blue Chip Fund:
This fund’s objective is to gain maximum capital by investing in companies with mid-cap stocks. This fund mostly invests in mid-cap stocks that outperform others and hence, most of the times are the safest bet. It has performed extremely well in the last five years and gives more earning that most other plans in comparison.

SIPs are very flexible and they are best suitable for the people who are afraid of risky investments or long-term investments such as PPF or Insurance Plans. Moreover, SIPs are open-ended. An investor can invest and withdraw the money as and when they want, The SIP amount can be increased or decreased as per the wish of the investor. The interest amount can’t be recovered if the investor withdraws the money at an early date but it still is very liquid as compared to other investments which can’t be withdrawn prior to their release dates

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